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Blyth Valley Council works as part of a Local Strategic Partnership to join people and organisations in a geographical area to tackle issues that matter to the local community. The key to their success is to stick to delivering shared, clearly identified, and relevant priorities.

What is a Local Strategic Partnership?

To explain the concept of an LSP we must focus upon the three issues associated with it.

1. Local-The partnership must be large enough to operate on a strategic level, yet small enough to link with the people in the local community.

2. Strategic- The partnership must think long-term about problems in the area and work with locals to decide on the main priorities and line up resources to meet them.

3. Partnership- Works to bring together local authorities.  




Latest Updates

In the recent conference of Blyth Valley Council these terms of refernce were created.

1. to make recommendations on the implications of issues important to the local area;

2. to contribute to the preparation of community strategies;

3. to contribute to Budget preparation by advising the Executive of local needs and priorities;

4. to monitor the delivery of council services within the area;

5. to enhance local democracy by identifying and providing opportunities for community consultation and participation and

6. to make reccommendations on the allocations of the County Council "Community Chest" resources within their area.

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Newcastle University

The council has teamed up with the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne to improve the methods of communication they have with members of the local community. Stage two students have been asked to prepare a Communications Strategy to meet the specific needs of the Blyth Valley Local Strategic Partnership.

Newcastle University


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